the tiny tornado

a FREE food frenzy : Non-profit food truck


it all started when...

the tiny tornado.

i was not always interested in operating the food truck due to culinary skill or passion, it was always more as a driving force of serving people real food made with love and connecting people.

i found out we were having a babe at the start of 2016 and that made me realize that i want to set the example of making dreams real.   this is a grassroots operation. it became more and more of a reality as i pushed to get it done before the baby got here around labor day weekend. i bought a old fedex fleet International Step Van in March of 2016 and we did our first Free event in October 2016 a month after the Steves was born. a few of the long term goals that i set back in 2016 have now become real life. in october of 2016 i stated these goals : i am super interested in getting involved in Craven County Schools and spreading the word to kiddos about nutrition and entrepreneurship , healthy options, and getting the idea out there that good, clean foods can taste really good and you can make a dream come true through hard work and dedication. another long term goal for the tiny tornado is to be part of a disaster relief effort to serve communities devastated by hurricanes or other natural disasters in the area. part of the money profited on the truck will be set aside to provide free meals for people who just need a free meal sometimes.... this dream is more than just creating an adorable little food truck that serves up kick a$% body conscious eats. this is about connecting a community, developing a vision, bringing people together on the streets of New Bern and surrounding areas, providing information and empowerment to children in the schools to learn about nutrition and small business dreams, and helping each other out when we are DOWN. so let us lift it up.

FAST FORWARD TO NOVEMBER 2018: we have filed as a 5013c. we operate solely of donations. we currently only serve free food and have a rotating menu based on availability and resources, but it is never boring. DO NOT WORRY. the chicken and waffle taco is still alive and well and we will always bring it to you made with our whole hearts.

i love you.